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Frequently Asked Questions


  •  What online services/information is available?
    The HRConnect online information system is located at sso.tamus.edu. You will need to enter your Universal Identification Number UIN) and a password. If you do not already have a password or do not remember your password, follow the instructions on the login page. HRConnect provides personal, employment, benefits and payroll information on you. It also has a searchable database to help you find answers to your questions on human resource programs. The utilities function can help you calculate your TRS and/or Social Security benefits, how your net pay will change if you contribute to (or increase your contribution to) a Tax-Deferred Account and how much you need to be saving to meet your retirement goals.

    More information is also available online. Check the System Benefits website at tamus.edu/benefits for information on benefits and retirement or the System Human resources website tamus.edu/offices/hr/ for information on holidays and employment opportunities.

  •  How can I be sure the HRConnect System is secure and no one else can see my records?
    HRConnect provides personal and confidential information. By asking you to provide both a Universal Identification Number (UIN) and a password, the site provides two levels of security. However, you must be careful not to share your UIN or password with anyone, because anyone who has both of these numbers can access your information. If you believe someone has learned your password, update your password from the Single Sign On logon page.
  •  What if I don’t think iBenefits is giving me the correct information on my current benefits?
    E-mail or call your Human Resources office and explain the error. That office can help resolve the problem.
  •  What is the iBenefits system?
    The iBenefits system allows you to make benefit changes online at a secured web site. You can access it at sso.tamus.edu. Through this web site, you can find out what benefits you are currently enrolled in and make changes to your benefits.

    In some cases, you will also need to submit paperwork, such as the dependent verification and Life Insurance Enrollment Forms, to your Human Resources office. Forms are available on the System Benefits Administration web site at tamus.edu/benefits/forms.htm#benefits.

  •  I will be getting married/divorced soon. What do I need to do to change my name on my records and/or add/drop dependent(s) on my benefits?
    You will need to apply for and obtain a new Social Security card reflecting your new name and provide a copy of the card to your departmental employment processor. Upon receipt of the appropriate paperwork from your department, your Human Resources office will update your personnel and payroll records. If you want to add or drop dependent(s), complete a Dependent Enrollment Change Form. Dependent documentation, i.e., proof of marriage, is also required.
    You may also want to update your beneficiary(ies) for Basic/Alternate Basic Life, Optional Life and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)). If you participate in the Teacher Retirement System and you need to change your beneficiary designation, complete the TRS 15 form or contact TRS at (800) 223-8778 to request this form. If you participate in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP), Tax Deferred Annuity Program, or Deferred Compensation Plan, notify your vendor(s) of your new last name.
  •  If I waive health coverage and certify that I have other health coverage, what other benefits can I buy using 1/2 the employer contribution?
    You can use the employer contribution to pay for Alternate Basic life, Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment, A&M Dental or DeltaCare USA Dental HMO, EyeMed Vision Care and Long-Term Disability coverage. The employer contribution will automatically be applied to any of these coverages in which you enroll in the order listed here. You can request that the employer contribution not be applied to your Long-Term Disability premiums because part or all of any benefits you receive from the plan will be subject to income taxes if part or all of your LTD premiums are paid by the employer contribution.
  • What are the employer contribution amounts for the 2014-2015 plan year?Maximum contributions for health coverage (including Basic Life coverage) for full-time employees and all retirees for 2014-15:
    • Employee only $503.15
    • Employee plus spouse: $754.61
    • Employee plus children: $679.18
    • Employee plus family: $855.19
    • Contribution if you waive coverage and certify that you have other health coverage: $253.69
  • Contributions for health coverage for part-time employees:
    • Employee only: $248.46
    • Employee plus spouse: $375.19
    • Employee plus children: $337.48
    • Employee plus family: $425.48
    • Contribution if you waive coverage and certify that you have other health coverage: $126.85