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1) Where Can I Find Help About the B/P/P System?

There are several help resources available for the B/P/P System. Whether it is a general question about the B/P/P System or a specific question about a particular field on one of the screens, there are many ways to find the answer. The current help resources include the F1 Help within the B/P/P System, the BPP website and the BPP Helpdesk.

F1 Help

There is help quickly available from each of the B/P/P System screens by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard. The help is contextual, so the type of help provided is determined by where the cursor is when the F1 key is pressed. For example, help about a certain field is available only after the cursor has been moved to that field. If the BPP Profile is being used, the F1 help can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button and selecting ‘List Help’ from the cursor menu, after the cursor has been moved to the appropriate field.

BPP Website

There are three core types of help documentation on the BPP website. They include Hot Off the Press (HOP), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Screen Documentation. The search box on the main page of the BPP website will search all of these types of documents and is the best place to begin looking for information.

HOPs are pdf documents that explain changes to processes or screens used in the B/P/P System. They are identified by a 3-digit number with the highest number being the most recent. Our HOP library currently dates back to the beginning of 1997, HOP #341. The HOP home page lists the five most recent HOPs. It also has an ‘HOP only’ search that will search text of only the HOP documents and return results where the search terms were found. Entering a 3-digit number will return only that HOP.

FAQs are usually questions about a situation unique to a particular user but other users may find the information useful. Some FAQs are questions that the BPP Help Desk has answered many times for different users. They are grouped into general topics such as Payroll, Insurance, Billing, etc.

The Screen documentation includes an image of the B/P/P System screen, a synopsis of how the screen is used and a listing of the fields and their possible input values. These screens are also identified by a 3-digit number and intended to be grouped together by their numbering schemes, 100 series are Personnel related screens, 500 series are Payroll related, etc. When searching for screen documentation, using the keyword ‘screen’ in the query will return results with that screen’s documentation at the top of the results list. For example, searching for ‘screen 101’ or ‘personal data screen’ will return the ‘Screen 101 – Personal Data’ screen documentation as the top search result, along with other documentation related to that screen.

BPP Helpdesk Email

Sometimes help is needed with a situation unique to a specific employee. These types of questions should always be addressed at the local level, if possible, because of the policy differences between the various agencies and campuses. Other times a unique situation may be the result of incorrect data. If a user thinks that there may be an issue with the way the B/P/P System is processing data, we have provided the BCSSupport@tamus.edu email. A group of BPP Operations Center employees will research the question to determine if the issue is with the processing or the input data. These questions are typically answered within 24 hours by working with the user ‘one-on-one’ until the issue has been resolved.

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