How Do I Navigate Using the BPP Profile? »

The BPP Profile allows for alternate navigation within the BPP System.  The utilization of the mouse as a navigation tool provides additional features not available using the keyboard alone.  Any existing keyboard functionality did not change.

The following tables serve as a quick reference to the BPP Profile navigation.

Mouse Feature


Keyboard Equivalent

Click Left button – once 

Moves cursor to the mouse pointer position. If the position is an item in a pick-list, it will select that item.


[TAB], [ENTER], or arrow keys

Click Left button – twice

 while pressing [CTRL] key

Selects word under mouse pointer and copies to clipboard.

Copies entire screen to clipboard

[CTRL] + W then [CTRL] + C

[CTRL] + A

Click Right button – once

Opens menu next to mouse pointer


Spin Mouse wheel – forward/backward

Advances list of items up/down


[F7] / [F8]


Mouse Menu


Keyboard Equivalent

List Help 

Opens help list for active field




Copies highlighted text to clipboard


[CTRL] + C


Pastes contents from clipboard


[CTRL] + V





Clears screen of any edits


Toggles insert on and off


Deletes character under cursor


Deletes entire field


Moves cursor to first editable field on screen


Moves cursor to end of field


Moves cursor to previous editable field


Moves cursor to first editable field on next row

[CTRL] + A

Copies all of the screen to clipboard

[CTRL] + C

Copies highlighted text to clipboard

[CTRL] + R

Selects entire row under mouse pointer

[CTRL] + V

Pastes contents from clipboard

[CTRL] + W

Selects word under mouse pointer

[CTRL] + Z

Undoes last field edit