What determines when a COBRA letter gets generated in HRConnect? »

'COBRA Temination Acknowledgement' letters are generated in HRConnect for employees potentially eligible for insurance coverage after terminating employment with TAMUS.

The letters are generated nightly based upon changes made in the budget using the criteria below.

  • Active Budget Iteration Occupant Action of 'IT' or 'VT' or if the Postion Action is 'ET' for Workstations A,C,E,L,M,V, or X.
  • Must have Medical, Dental, or Vision Coverage
  • If the Medical, Dental, Vision Deduct Code is 'N' then the Termination Date must equal the Insurance Stop Date. 

Critera that will prevent a record from being sent to HRConnect:

  • All records that already have their COBRA Notify flag set to 'Y' on the 101 screen will be skipped.
  • Deceased - Termination Reason Code 69
  • If the Medical,Dental, Vision Deduct Code is 'N' and the Termination Date is not equal to the Insurance Stop Date.

Also see - System Benefits COBRA Eligibility and Notification,