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Routing & Approvals Change

A new functionality, En Route Box, has been added to the routing history in CANOPY and FAMIS that allows you to view ‘what is potentially coming to your In-box’.

On FAMIS Screen 914 there is a section that displays "Document Path (Pending)" with this ‘pending route’ information.

In CANOPY, a new Routing & Approvals tab labeled "EN ROUTE" is available. The En Route Box displays documents that are currently on a routing path that will include a desk on which you are a primary approver or signer. You also have the ability to determine who currently has the document and how long it has been routing. FAMIS Screen 916 provides the same functionality as the new Tab in CANOPY.

Routing In-Box Purged - FAMIS has added a new program (FBYU720 - For Your Notification) to purge copies of routing documents from users’ In-Boxes.

This program has been set up to run for ALL TAMUS MEMBERS on the night of the 15th of each month. All FYI documents older than 12 months will be deleted from the In-Box on a rolling 12-month schedule, with the older items being purged automatically.

FAMIS Help & FAMIS Production Services

FAMIS Help staff members handle questions about FAMIS and Canopy as well as assist with problem research. E-Mail sent to FAMISHELP is viewed by a group of our employees and the person on call will help answer your questions. If you are working with someone on a continuing problem, you should send e-mail to famishelp and address that person in the body of the note.

FAMIS Production staff members run reports and help with accessing and reprinting reports. They also assist users with MOBIUS/DDRINT and help with many other functions related to report processing.

If you send email to a staff member directly for either FAMIS Help or FAMIS Production, they may be out of the office and your request will go unread until they return. Using the appropriate email address or our contact forms allows our staff members to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.

FAMIS Report Names

FAMIS report names begin with "Fnn" with the "nn" being replaced with the campus code (such as F02 for Texas A&M, F05 for Prairie View, etc.). The report names are generally based on the FAMIS program name. For example, if the report name ends with "J" it is the JCL that was used to run the report. Report names for monthly reports may be based on either the JOB name (for example F01PMEND) or the FAMIS program name (for example F01VB220).

The following Production Services guidelines for setting up report names generally follow these patterns:

FnnA_ _ _
FnnD_ _ _ _
FnnF_ _ _ _
FnnM_ _ _ _

Daily reports

Monthly programs
FnnBP_ _ _
FnnCK_ _ _
FnnE_ _ _ _
FnnFS_ _ _
FnnPB_ _ _
FnnV_ _ _ _
Purchasing Reports
Accounts Payable check processing reports
Accounts Payable ACH processing reports
Financial report by support account
Purchasing/Accounts Payable report
Purchasing/Accounts Payable Voucher reports
FnnI_ _ _ _ Accounts receivable reports
FnnB_ _ _ _

Budget Reports - corresponds to FAMIS Program name "FDA_ _ _ _" or "FBA_ _ _ _"
FnnT_ _ _ _  
FnnPM_ _ _
FnnPP_ _ _
FnnPR_ _ _
FnnPU_ _ _
FnnR_ _ _ _
FnnS_ _ _ _
FnnU_ _ _ _  
FnnY_ _ _ _ Year End
FnnZ_ _ _ _ Security
FnnX_ _ _ _ Processing of Interface Files
FnnBDW Data Warehouse Extracts

Kudos From Our Users

  • "Loved the CANOPY training video! Nice Job! And, thank you! You guys are great."
  • "Just got through doing my first DCR, that is so cool, love it."
  • "You guys deserve kudos too – we’re getting great feedback so as always we do greatly appreciate the enhancements you enable us to give to our customers."  
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User Manuals

We are in the process of revising several of our FAMIS User Manuals. The following updated manuals and guides are now available for viewing and printing:

Enterers 4.1
Financial Accounting 3.2
FFX (Part 1 & 2) 3.6
Reconciliation 3.1

To view the most current version of a user manual, click on the "FAMIS Manuals" link on the navigation menu and login using your FAMIS UserID. Our user manuals are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and text version.

Need Help?

Using the FAMISHELP contact form can save time and long distance charges. It also allows the person on HOTLINE to research your question/problem and provide you with a more specific answer.

Please do not send E-Mail directly to our staff members. If a staff member is out of the office you may not get an answer to your E-Mail until they return. Contacting FAMISHELP will ensure that your message is read and that you will get a response.

Help Line: (979) 458-6464
FAX: (979) 458-6455

Phone: (979) 458-6470
FAX: (979) 458-6455
E-Mail FAMIS Production

Other Contacts

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