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Flags of all of system university members

When should flags be displayed?

Flags should always be displayed for an event when there is a speaker on stage.

What is the protocol and order for displaying the United States and Texas flag?

When on display, the United States flag is given the place of honor, always positioned to the speaker’s right (audience's left).

The Texas flag should be displayed at all system events and should be to the speaker’s left.

How should the system member flag be displayed?

The system member's flag should be on the speaker's left (audience's right) and should follow the Texas state flag. However, it should be placed slightly behind.


Should flags be displayed for Galveston or Qatar?

Galveston and Qatar are branch campuses of Texas A&M University and should display the same flag as the College Station campus.

For further information, refer to the Flying of State and National Flags.

Source: Harris, A., (1999) A guide for campus events.  Etiquette and Protocol