Other Bills of Interest That Passed »

HB 119 by Brown/Ogden - Relating to the exemption from competitive bidding for certain purchases.

HB 155 by Joseph/Eduardo - Relating to correcting errors in the distribution of benefits by a public retirement system.

HB 208 by Flores/Lucio - Relating to the eligibility of students enrolled in joint credit or concurrent enrollment programs for extracurricular activities and University Interscholastic League competitions.

HB 387 by Callegari/Patrick - Relating to the repeal of the law relating to the Texas National Research Laboratory Commission.

HB by 463 Flores/Carona  - Relating to the regulation of air conditioning and refrigeration contracting; providing an administrative penalty.

HB 472 by Solomons/Van de Putte - Relating to the regulation of third-party administrators, including administrators with delegated duties in the workers' compensation system of this state; providing administrative penalties.

HB 534 by Smithee/Seliger - Relating to authorizing the lease or conveyance of certain real property owned by Amarillo College.

HB 544 Strama/Watson - Relating to reduced tuition and fees for certain junior college district students who reside outside of the district.

HB 550 by Dukes/Zaffirini - Relating to the eligibility of certain victims of family violence for unemployment compensation.

HB 735 by Straus/Williams - Relating to the discontinuation of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund.

HB 868 by Haggerty/Shapleigh - Relating to the recreational facility fee at The University of Texas at El Paso.

HB 902 by Crowder/Estes - Relating to a student fitness and recreational fee at Texas Woman's University.

HB 921 Delisi/Ellis - Relating to the sharing of information among state agencies.

HB 957 by Orr/Ellis - Relating to participation by certain state employees in a default investment product under a deferred compensation plan.

HB 1003 by Giddings/Watson - Relating to professional licensing requirements for independent review of certain medical decisions regarding workers' compensation claims.

HB 1157 by West/Seliger - Relating to a student services building fee at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

HB 1237 by Farabee/Hegar - Relating to the confidentiality of certain information of a person licensed to practice law held by governmental bodies.

HB 1297 by Delisi/Nelson - Relating to the creation of the state employee wellness program.

HB 1418 Kolkhorst/Ogden - Relating to the name of Sam Houston State University.

HB 1427 by Alonzo/Zaffirini - Relating to an optometry career program at the University of Houston.

HB 1505 by LucioIII/Lucio - Relating to a fee to support intercollegiate athletics at The University of Texas at Brownsville.

HB 1560 by Callegari/Jackson - Relating to liability of a governmental unit for certain recreational activities.

HB 1602 by Van Arsdale/Fraser – Relating to venue in civil actions under the Jones Act.

HB 1614 by Gattis/Ogden – Relating to the establishment and use of a columbarium on the campuses of certain institutions of higher education.
HB 1700 by Hilderbran/Fraser - Relating to a project for the development and implementation of a nature science curriculum for public school students.

HB 1775 by Wayne/Zaffirini – Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds for the expansion of school of nursing facilities at Stephen F. Austin State University.

HB 1788 by Pitts/Hegar – Relating to the planning, reporting, and review of the state's information resources.

HB 1853 by Corte/Van de Putte – Relating to exempting certain state agencies from certain laws relating to real property transactions.

HB 2004 by Giddings/Lucio – Relating to requiring that a doctor who reviews a workers' compensation case be certified in a professional specialty appropriate to the care received by the injured employee.

HB 2061 by Keffer/Williams – Relating to the disclosure of social security numbers under the public information law.

HB 2103 by Kolkhorst/Ogden – Relating to a pilot program to award scholarships to certain correctional officers enrolled at Sam Houston State University.

HB 2112 by Patrik/Hegar – Relating to banning handguns and certain other weapons from parking areas associated with schools or educational institutions; providing criminal penalties.

HB 2120 by Deshotel/Williams – Relating to the wages credited to an individual for the purpose of computing the individual's unemployment compensation benefits.

HB 2190 by Truitt/Duncan – Relating to eligibility to serve as executive director of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

HB 2198 by Flores/Janek – Relating to authorizing certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.

HB 2222 by Heflin/ Uresti – Relating to the membership of the Food and Fibers Research Council.

HB 2252 by Taylor/Williams – Relating to disclosure of information about health care-related services or access to health care information provided to persons covered by health benefit plans.

HB 2293 by Noriega/Watson – Relating to a requirement that state agencies purchase low-emissions vehicles as a minimum percentage of their vehicles purchased.

HB 2341 by Truitt/Duncan – Relating to certain investment products made available to certain public school employees.

HB 2358 by Otto/Duncan – Relating to the deposit of certain employer contributions to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

HB 2371 by Morrison/Zaffirini – Relating to hearings regarding cease and desist orders against certain persons operating a career school or college without proper authority.

HB 2548 by Smith/Averitt – Relating to coverage limitations in health benefit plans.

HB 2664 by Truitt/Duncan – Relating to audits of public retirement system actuarial valuations, studies, and reports.

HB 2694 by Hamilton/Janek – Relating to the disaster contingency fund.

HB 2713 by Bonnen/Averitt – Relating to an interim study concerning the state's demand for electric generation capacity, the development of a long-term energy plan, and the effects on the environment of electric generating facilities.

HB 3107 by Isett/Ogden – Relating to the creation and re-creation of funds and accounts in the state treasury, the dedication and rededication of revenue, and the exemption of unappropriated money from use for general governmental purposes.

HB 3249 by Truitt/Brimer – Relating to the powers and duties of, and the entities reviewed by, the Sunset Advisory Commission.

HB 3443 by Howard/West – Relating to the creation of the Texas Hospital-Based Nursing Education Partnership Grant Program.

HB 3470 by Delisi/Williams – Relating to the program of supplemental health coverage for individuals eligible under the TRICARE military health system offered through the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

HB 3564 by Darby/Duncan – Relating to the transfer of Angelo State University to the Texas Tech University System.

HB 3699 by McCall/Williams – Relating to the management of public school land and the investment of the permanent school fund

SB 161 by Wentworth/Deshotel – Relating to intercollegiate athletics fees at institutions within the Texas State University System.

SB 214 by Fraser/Hilderbran – Relating to authorizing the transfer for consideration of certain fractional mineral interests held by the state to certain landowners.

SB 247 by Ellis/McClendon – Relating to prohibiting the investment of state funds in certain private business entities doing business in Sudan.

SB 282 by Gallegos/Dutton – Relating to notice regarding the availability of programs under which a student may earn college credit in public schools.

SB 285 by Shapiro/Hill – Relating to the imposition of certain fees on students enrolled at The University of Texas at Dallas.

SB 458 by Watson/Giddings – Relating to workers' compensation medical benefits for certain prosthetic or orthotic devices.

SB 469 by Brimer/Patrick – Relating to the creation by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board of a certificate of recognition for persons who contribute certain gifts or donations to public institutions of higher education.

SB 480 by Janek/Gattis – Relating to the definition of private or independent institution of higher education applicable to certain statutes.

SB 563 by Ogden/Madden – Relating to assistance by the attorney general in the prosecution of certain offenses involving the unlawful appropriation or misapplication of state property.

SB 596 by Wentworth/Turner – Relating to the confidentiality of certain information involving real estate transactions of the School Land Board, Veterans' Land Board, General Land Office, or land commissioner.

SB 687 by Shapleigh/Solomons – Relating to the use of TexasOnline by state agencies and local governments.

SB 908 by Brimer/McClendon – Relating to the continuation and functions of the State Office of Risk Management.

SB 924 by Brimer/Solomons – Relating to rules and policies adopted by state agencies regarding engineering or architectural errors or omissions.

SB 955 by Whitmire/Turner – Relating to use of electronically readable information on a driver's license or personal identification certificate by certain organizations that sponsor youth programs.

SB 1007 by West/Giddings – Relating to student representation on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and certain coordinating board advisory committees.

SB 1169 by Janek/Elkins – Relating to the reimbursement of an insurance carrier for the overpayment of certain workers' compensation benefits.

SB 1436 by West/Creighton – Relating to the transfer of responsibility for the National Flood Insurance Program from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to the Texas Water Development Board and the administration and funding of the program.

SB 1447 by Duncan/Gattis – Relating to the investment authority of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

SB 1499 by Zaffirini/Corte – Relating to the meeting notice that a governmental body may post in certain emergency situations.

SB 1719 by Ogden/Chisum – Relating to directing payment, after approval, of certain miscellaneous claims and judgments against the state out of funds designated by this Act; making appropriations.

SB 1729 by Carona/Solomons – Relating to the inspection, installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators, escalators, chairlifts, people movers, moving sidewalks, platform lifts, and related equipment.

SB 1731 by Duncan/Zerwas – Relating to consumer access to health care information and consumer protection for services provided by or through health benefit plans, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and birthing centers; providing penalties.

SB 1761 by Uresti/Deshotel – Relating to the pilot program to provide health services to state employees in state office complexes.

SB 1884 by Williams/Thompson – Relating to prompt payment penalties.

SB 2033 by Williams/Chisum - Relating to the issuance of general obligation bonds by the Texas Public Finance Authority for certain maintenance, improvement, repair, and construction projects.