Reimbursement Process: Expenses »

Traveler: If an authorization request is in place, a traveler creates an expense report from the Authorization Request.  If the traveler used a TAMUS travel card, the traveler will be able to see their card charges and attach the charges to their expense report.  After creating any additional line items, the traveler will submit the expense report for approval.

Approvals: The expense report approval workflow is based on object code as defined in eOffice.  Approvers are notified via email that a report is waiting to be approved.  The report will be in the approver's queue and the approver can approve the report or return it to the employee with a note for corrections.  Approvers can have delegates who are authorized to approve reports on their behalf.  Delegates are defined in the in-house TAMUS eTravel administration system.  Audit trails are in place to assure the approver that only authorized delegates have acted on their behalf.

Accounting: The Concur system creates a standard accounting extract file which contains the necessary information to post the expense report to the appropriate accounts in the system member's accounting system.